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About Lauren 

I'm a color enthusiast. I am passionate about color and design and I enjoy using fabrics as my medium to create wonderful and original works of fabric art. I use color as a tool to blend, accent, and pop my designs and take them from being ordinary to extraordinary. Between using different types of fabrics and not being afraid to think outside the box when it comes to color, I am able to create unique fabric art that has texture, dimension and interest.

I developed a passion for fiber and textiles at a very young age, beginning as an avid knitter.
Seventeen years ago, my aunt, who also taught me to knit, introduced me to the exciting world of color and design using fabric as the medium to create wonderful works of art.

As a fabric artist and quilter, I am fascinated by the creative opportunities fabric colors, textures and shapes have to offer. I create works that explore the interrelationship between color and design, spending extensive amounts of time to ensure that the fabric colors fully complement and enhance the design. It is this symbiotic relationship between fabric and design that transforms individual pieces of fabric into unique and beautiful works of art.

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My inspiration comes from a variety of sources - nature, shapes of everyday objects, and even my fabric stash. Sometimes I choose fabrics for a project before I even know what the design will be. In those instances, it is the relationship of the fabrics to each other that define the final design.

I also enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for quilting and design through lectures and teaching. I have worked with students as young as eight years old, who enjoy the stimulating, artistic and playful creativity that fabric art offers. These students 
are always excited with how creative they 
become once traditional color and design rules 
no longer apply.

I also publish high quality patterns to help quilters and fabric artists unleash their inner creativity.

I invite you to explore my gallery to see some of the works I've created, and would welcome the opportunity to help you bring a new level of color and design into your homes and offices.

Lauren S. Langevin
Fabric Artist