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© Langevin Designs, 2013
45" x 45"
This tranquil quilt features turquoise and gold Asian prints. It is ideal as a throw for a bed or couch, or as a wall hanging.

Asian Magic Squares
67" x 67"
Sometimes it's about the fabric; sometimes it's about the color. In "Magic Squares" it's about combining just a few fabrics and colors to create a new and interesting piece of fabric art.

Australian Sunrise
46"x 58"
If you've ever been to the outback, you know how vibrant the sunrise is. This quilt reminds me of my honeymoon in Australia and all of the beautiful things the country has to offer.

Japanese Scrolls  
46"x 58"

Whimisical Wheels
67"x 77"
What happens when you combine vibrant colors and spinning designs? Whimisical Wheels. Made with jewel tone batik fabrics is sure to brighten up any room as a wall hanging or throw.

Asian Crazy Quilt 
60" x 82"
What happens when you have so much fabric you can't chose..put them all into one stunning quilt. Using hundreds of different Asian fabrics, this one-of-a-kind piece is a true expression of thinking outside the box.

61" x 61"
Take a step back and you'll be able to see how the gold square simply float across the background. This is an 
ideal wall hanging which is sure to become a true conversation piece.

Puzzle It
61" x 61"
Bringing back happy childhood memories, "Puzzle It" reminds us of what it was like to put all the pieces
together to get just the look we wanted.

67" x 86'
Trying to get away from the standard square shapes, I decided to shake it up a bit using triangles and circles.

27" x 31"
A fun and funky piece of wall art to add color and vibrancy to any room.

Cotton Candy
57" x 67"
Pinks and blues bring back those childhood memories of cotton candy at the carnival.
Ideal as a bed quilt, couch throw or wall hanging for a child's bedroom or playroom.

38" x 49"
Colorful round orbs of hand-dyed and batik fabric float across the canvas giving us the feeling of being part of 
the much larger universe that surrounds us.

60" x 65"
Golds and purples join together to give that feeling of being in a Moroccan bazaar.

Coffee Time
X" x X"
Bold colors make a bold statement about one passion for their morning coffee.

Asian Explosion
97" x 102" 
This kings size bed quilt starts out with a few bold pieces in the center and then breaks into smaller
pieces as the quilt grows larger.

56" x 57"
The turquoise fabrics provide a peaceful backdrop as a wall hanging. The vibrant flecks of green, orange and pink just give it a "pop" so it doesn't fade too far into the background.

Study in Purple
21 1/2" x 22 3/4"
This unique piece of wall art takes the sharp edges out of any day with its soft curves.

Green Lantern
82" x 94"
The green stripes provide the ideal background to offset the bright colors scattered throughout this lively and enjoyable quilt.

76" x 78"
Bright colored fabrics in a field of black prints help this vibrant quilt really make a statement. Works equally well on a double or queen size bed, or as 
a wall hanging.

Batik Pillow
26" x 26"

Asian Pillow
26" x 26"

Asian Pillow
24" x 24"

Jewel Pillow
24" x 24"

Asian Pillow
28" x 28"

Jewel Pillow
24" x 24"

Here is a gallery of currently available fabric art pieces. 
Click "custom gallery" to see examples of custom work.

Click the images to see a larger view of each quilt.